The Northwest Riders Staff 

Our staff isn’t exactly what you’d call large. Currently there are two of us running the show on a full-time basis. Zack Clark is the man behind the website and most anything that involves a piece of technology, and Greg Young is the one on the phone or behind the wheel of a Tige boat in the summer. We love what we do and hope this is the job we’ll retire from. We’re both in it because of our passion for the action sports industry and community.  

Outside of the two of us, we have a pretty rad supporting cast that we have the pleasure of working with from design all the way over to the folding of a t-shirt to make it ready for sale. One of the most key people on that list is our good friend Dylan McGuire. Dylan is the hands and feet of our little clothing brand. Throughout the summer, he manages our entire events list and makes sure that Northwest Riders Clothing Company is represented well at all of the grassroots meetups around the northwest. We'd like to throw out a public "thank you" to Dylan here on our website for the hard work and the constant travel and exposure he brings to the brand...thanks buddy!

The people that we are fortunate enough to meet along the way motivate us to keep the company constantly evolving, remind us that it’s not about the paycheck, and encourage us not to take ourselves too seriously. We started this company so that eventually, once things really start rolling, we can consider a day at the mountain, in the boat, or out at the coast just as productive and necessary as a day in the office.  The beauty and unique natural elements found in the Northwest remind us everyday why we call this place home, and keep us motivated to incorporate the distinct feel of our corner of the globe in everything our company is involved in. 

Thanks for supporting Northwest Riders Clothing Co. and making our dream job a reality!