Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We would like to sell your gear in our do we go about it?

Please, reach out by sending us a contact form with your info. We will follow-up as soon as possible.

I just bought one of your tasty garments, when will my order get here?

Soon junior, soon.  We typically ship everything on the same or next business day from when the order was made.  We do reserve the right to not work 7 days a week, so if we get a sudden urge to head up to the mountain for the day, we’ll ship your order as soon as we get back to the office.  The overwhelming majority of orders should arrive within 2-5 business days from when the order was placed. More information can be found on the shipping page.

I’m hungry, but I’m in one of those moods where nothing sounds good.  What should I eat?

That’s a good question.  If I’m in that position, I always eat a piece of fruit because it’s delicious and wakes up my taste buds.  If that doesn’t fill you up, try a piece of buttered toast.  That’s kind of a simple and quick snack that doesn’t usually jump out at you, but once you eat a slice you’re like “ wow, toast is pretty good.  I never crave toast but I should start eating it more often.” In this situation, it’s not that ‘nothing tastes good,’ it’s more like ‘nothing that I usually like sounds very good.’ This is a wonderful opportunity to eat outside the box or get back to basics.

You guys promote a lot of sports.  Do you actually like those sports or are you just trying to make a quick buck by pretending that you do?

Yes, we love all of the sports that we promote. We grew up riding motocross, ATVs, snowmobiles, a skateboard, skis and name it. We're always impressed with all of the flatland skimboarders around the Northwest, the insane whitewater kayakers, and all the other action sports enthusiasts as well. Truth is, we don't have the time to partake in all of the sports we support, but we love each for plenty of reasons and do what we can to contribute to those that are out there every day.

I am a photographer/ graphic designer.  I want to contribute and help (i.e. volunteer a bit of my time/talent). Do you need any help?

Yes. Yes. And Yes.  A lot of the progress we’ve made over the years is because people have liked what we’re trying to do and generously donated their talents to help us grow.  We are always in need of photos taken in and around the Northwest, either of people out enjoying the elements, or the beautiful natural landscapes that we’re lucky enough to be surrounded by.  We can always use some fresh ideas and talent as we expand and design our product line. Graphic Designers are always welcome to contribute ideas and designs for products and web content.

If you’d like to help, Email us 

Can I get free shipping?

If you are not one who likes to pay shipping (i.e. everyone), you're in luck! You can often spend a set amount (or more) and we'll pick up the tab and pay your shipping ourselves. This threshold varies at different times but will usually be listed on our site. Another option is to join our email list (bottom/footer area of our site) and get unique discounts and codes.

More information can be found on the shipping page.

I didn't see an option for a faster shipping method. Can I get my order more quickly?

Most Likely...Contact us if you need to have your order expedited. We'll do our best to accommodate your request.

We do pride ourselves on having the fastest shipping possible. We try to have every order out the next business day at the latest and generally ship same day. Our record from order to post office drop off is 8 minutes...we get pretty serious about it.

More information can be found on the shipping page.

I received my order and the gear doesn't fit -or- it is damaged. Can I return/exchange it?

Absolutely! Click on over to our Returns Page and get all the details.