All orders of $79 and up will receive free ground shipping. *This applies to orders in the lower 48 states only. Shipments to Alaska, Hawaii, and all U.S. Territories and international destinations will be charged the necessary shipping costs depending on buyer preference for ship type. For an extra $10,000 fee, we will personally hand deliver your order anywhere in the world.


I just bought one of your tasty garments, when will my order get here?

Soon junior, soon.  We typically ship everything on the next business day from when the order was made.  We do reserve the right to not work 7 days a week, so if we get a sudden urge to go surfing or head up to the mountain for the day, we’ll ship your order as soon as we get back to the office.  The overwhelming majority of orders should arrive within 2-5 business days from when the order was placed.

We make it a point to get your order in your hands as fast as possible and take pride on being the local brand that ships as fast as the big online retailers. Bottom line...orders ship quick so you don't have to wait long to get your gear.

The map below will give you an estimated delivery time based on the day the package goes out. Days referenced refer to 'business' days.

Ship Map Northwest Riders

Want it right now?

If you are not one who likes to pay shipping, you're in luck! As mentioned above, you can always spend $79 or more and we'll pick up the tab and pay your shipping ourselves.