Get a free Northwest Riders Hoodie

Limited Time Special -- ENDS TONIGHT!

Buy 2 regular priced hoodies -- Get a Free Travel or Kraken (Gunmetal Grey) hoodie

Steps to get your free hoodie:

  1. Shop hoodies here
  2. Add two hoodies to your cart at regular price
  3. Add either the Travel hoodie or Kraken Gunmetal hoodie to your cart

That's it...checkout. The free discount will be applied automatically. You will also get free shipping!


What's that? You have a few questions?

  • What if I want to buy more than two regular priced hoodies? Can I get more free ones also? - ANSWER: Yes! Add 4 regular priced ones, get 2 free ones. Just make sure two of them are the Travel and/or Kraken Gunmetal. You can also go with 2 Travel or 2 Kraken Gunmetal if you prefer. There is no limit except for when stock runs out.

  • what if stock runs out? - ANSWER: Shoot an email to and let us know. We will do our best to make something work out for you.

  • When does this deal end? - ANSWER: Tuesday, Nov. 26th


* An important note: there are no exchanges or returns so make sure you choose the correct sizes and items. We normally take returns/exchanges, but this is a special promotion and if you buy up a bunch of stock and others then miss out that's a bummer for everyone.