At this point, I am not even completely sure how we came to know Rob Primo. He contacted us some time back and basically told us that he loved our brand, loved the northwest, and wanted to rep our clothing in the Drift car circles. Greg and I never really set out to expand into drift car racing and driving...but there are a lot of things we have found open up as we grow the Northwest Riders brand. Add in that Greg and I know absolutely zero about the industry and it may seem odd to have NWR out on the track. With all that said, we met up with Rob, loved his personality and vibe, and "signed" on to get our gear to him as he drove and traveled.

Fast forward a bit and we have each been out on the track with Rob and come to grips with the fact that we both have some seriously weak stomachs (we didn't throw up, but it was close for the both of us). After getting a taste of what drifting has to offer and getting to know Mr. Primo a bit more, we just couldn't say no and are now super excited to have Rob out and about in his car representing NWR.