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It's hard to believe that we've already been in business for 11 years. 

What started out with selling t-shirts out of the trunk of my car has grown into a larger operation year after year. We've hired more employees, expanded our warehouse 5 different times, and had our job descriptions change seemingly every few months. There's no doubt that with growth has come plenty of change. Mostly it's been for the better. Occasionally, despite good intentions, not so much. It is a constant game of trial and error, hard work, and a love for what we do. 
There is one thing that despite plenty of changes behind the scenes, has never wavered. Our love of the region that we get to call home grows stronger the more that we get outside and explore. So many different communities of local riders in a wide variety of different action sports have welcomed us in and embraced our brand and employees. Their passion for what they do and where they ride continues to inspire us daily. Our goal is to be a brand that resonates with riders throughout the Northwest as a celebration of the places we're blessed to be able to ride so close to home, and the people and friends that we get to ride with.

Throughout the last 6 months or so, we've had the privilege of working with Sean Kilgus, a longtime friend, a Northwest local, and an extraordinary filmmaker. We also had the chance to spend some time with a handful of our talented group of team riders. Our goal was to create a short film project that we hoped would essentially showcase why it is we do what we do. It was a chance to put everything else aside and travel with friends, make new ones, explore the Northwest, and get outside to play. We titled this project 'Here'. It's not the typical showcase of professional athletes getting paid millions to travel the globe and ride. It's a tribute to the everyday Northwest Riders: working-class athletes that live local and ride local. 

I can't explain how much this project put into perspective for us what is worth prioritizing and what counts the most. It's the high fives, laughter, and celebratory beers after you ride. The bonfires on the beach after a long day in the water. The anticipation that gnaws at you when you're back at work and waiting for the weekend so you can get out of town and make it happen all over again. This project made us pause and re-discover that our core principles are truly based around the people we work with and work for, while always enjoying what we do together. Nothing else really matters that much. Small but important changes have been made behind the scenes of our business that will help us get back to basics, and we are more stoked than ever to be able to do what we do. 

Oftentimes it's the things you're most excited about that are the most difficult to put into words. Our hope is that this project gives you the same awestruck feeling that we get when we look around at the abundant beauty that we're surrounded by and the people that we get to take it all in with. 
Enjoy this quick preview of the short film "HERE." -

...we will be presenting clips, giving out prizes, and dropping the short film in the days ahead. Check back to the website and visit our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts to enter to win and to be a part of "HERE."


Greg Young
Greg Young