Northwest Riders Get One / Give One - Giveaway Event

With Thanksgiving now just a short time away, we are launching our first ever "Get One / Give One" giveaway event. What does that mean? Well, I'm glad you asked.

Over the next 22 days, we will be giving away prizes and products to a lucky winner every three days. The giveaways will get bigger and better each time as we near Thanksgiving on November 27. But wait, there's more! We will also give a matching prize pack to a friend or family member (or foe?)  -- of your choosing. That's two giveaways every three days. So how is this going to work, and how do you get in on the action?

We will be posting the prizes you can win on our social media accounts (links below for those). First, you have to sign up below on the email form so we can notify you if you are one of the lucky winners. Then, you can enter three more times per prize by sharing our Facebook post, Re-gramming our Instagram, or Re-tweeting our Twitter post. You can do that for each new prize. Finally, we will select a winner and contact them to get their shipping info and the info for who they would like to match their prize to. For those of you that like bullet points and numbered lists (like myself) ... here is a recap for how to win:

  1. Sign up on our email list below (*required: this is contest entry #1)
  2. Visit us on Facebook and share our post (< click to view) pinned to the top of our page with your friends (don't forget to "Like" our page or we won't be able to see your share to enter you due to Facebook's privacy settings). (this is contest entry #2)
  3. Follow us on Instagram and regram our post (< click to view) with the hashtag #northwestriders (this is contest entry #3)
  4. Follow us on Twitter (@northwestriders) and retweet our post (< click to view) with the hashtag #northwestriders (this is contest entry #4)
  5. Check back to enter for each Get One/Give One event (schedule below)

-- You don't have to share/repost from all three if you don't want, but that gives you the most chances to win. --

Here is the schedule for giveaway dates and prizes:

*Note: a "giveaway day" ends at 4:00 pm and the next "giveaway day" starts on the same day immediately after.

  • Contest Started -  Monday, Nov. 3rd
  • Giveaway #1 - Wednesday, Nov. 5th @ 4pm
    • Stickers & Decals (valued at over $60) -- WINNER: Devon Peone 
  • Giveaway #2 - Friday, Nov. 7th @ 4pm
    • T-Shirt & Stickers -- WINNER: Mike Dolezal
  • Giveaway #3 - Monday, Nov. 10th @ 4pm
    • Hat & Stickers -- WINNER: James Robey
  • Giveaway #4 - Wednesday, Nov. 12th @ 4pm
    • T-Shirt, Hat & Stickers -- WINNER: Tanner Rutz
  • Giveaway #5 - Friday, Nov. 14th @ 4pm
    • Hoodie & Stickers -- WINNER: Alec Kurtz
  • Giveaway #6 - Monday, Nov. 17th @ 4pm
    • (2) T-Shirts, Hat & Stickers -- WINNER: Chris Butler
  • Giveaway #7 - Wednesday, Nov. 19th @ 4pm
    • Hoodie, Hat & Stickers -- WINNER: Haylee Hanson
  • Giveaway #8 - Friday, Nov. 21st @ 4pm
    • T-Shirt, Hoodie & Stickers -- WINNER: Ira Olson
  • Giveaway #9 - Monday, Nov. 24th @ 4pm
    • T-Shirt, Hoodie, Hat & Stickers -- WINNER: Nick Swan

...and so we begin, sign up below and join the ride!

Zack Clark
Zack Clark